Welcome to Agape Institute of Leadership Development


Agape Institute of Leadership Development is providing Church based Thelogical Education for Church leaders and believers across 32 Cohorts in India. One of the most challenging needs in ministry front is to equip new Believers and develop indigenous leadership.  The fruitfulness of ministry and multiplication beyond second and third generations is strengthened through Biblical and leadership training that begins at the grass root level.  Our training programs impacts over 10,000 leaders each year.

  • § BILD Masters and Bachelors Degree programs across 32 Cohorts in India.
  • § Long-Term Leadership Training at Punjab, Delhi, Jammu, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, & Odisha.
  • § New Believers training
  • § Strategy Coordinators training
  • § Lay leaders  training
  • § Women’s leadership training
  • § Youth leadership training
  • § Children Ministry Master Trainers training & Sunday School Children Training
  • § Counselling Training


  • § Preparing Christ Centered, Community Impacting Leaders with Calling, Character and Competence.
  • § Comprehensive development in character, skills, and knowledge for effective ministry.
  • § Life development and lifelong learning orientation.
  • § Recognition of and participation in the centrality of the local church in the plan of God.
  • § Ability to master biblical content, benefit from significant contributions of scholars, and build strategic models of ministry accordingly.

The general objective of Ministry degrees is to help train those who desire to be part of a leadership and ministry team that is one-minded in ministry vision and philosophy. Out of this team would come those who commit themselves long term to local church leadership or those who desire to train to be part of a missionary team involved in planting or establishing churches in other areas.

Notes on Degree Programs: All programs are built on the foundation of a Life and Ministry Development Portfolio System that includes a personal Motivated Abilities Pattern (MAP) from People Management's System for Identifying Motivated Abilities (SIMA®). The B.Min. and M.Min. are closely aligned with the competencies developed through Leadership Series I courses on the biblical foundations for church and ministry.The M.Th. is closely aligned with the competencies developed through Leadership Series II courses on biblical theology and theology in culture. The D.Min. in Global Church-Based Theological Education is closely aligned with the competencies developed through Paradigm Transformation Projects.


  • § Accredited by the US Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council. 
  • § A truly Church-based non formal system of education.
  • § Competency based assessment through an E Portfolio system.
  • § Earn your Degree while you are in the ministry.
  • § Theological education in the context of establishing churches.
  • § Sustaining leadership development for a grass root movement.
  • § Train others while being trained.
  • § Learning through Socratic discussions and project based assignments.

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