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Global Church-Based Theological Education: Accelerating Church Planting Movements Worldwide by Training Leaders in "the Way of Christ and His Apostles."

This 20-page brochure gives a fairly thorough introduction to BILD Programs, including its philosophy, curriculum, network, certification, and how to build partnership programs.

Church-Based Theological Education: Creating a New Paradigm (White Paper)

Written by Jeff Reed, CEO, BILD this paper describes the shifts taking place in formal education, reviews the biblical principles of theological education, and proposes a new model of theological education rooted in the local church and shepherded by a qualified leadership team of elders and ministers of the gospel.

Disciple to Doctor

Explains the vision to catalyze a seismic shift from formal theological education to church-based leadership development worldwide and how the partnership with church-planting movements around the globe, to train disciples and leaders using methods established in the New Testament. 

Unleash a Torrent With One Drop

Learn about the campaign to raise 1,500 sponsorships for strong leaders, identified by indian church-planting organizations, who are eager for deeper training with Antioch School degrees. 

Paradigm Papers. 

Download The Paradigm Papers, BILD's "manifesto" on ministry and education. 

The Churches of the First Century.

A BILD Encyclical by Jeff Reed, CEO, BILD.

From Jesus to the Gospels.

A BILD Encyclical by Jeff Reed, CEO, BILD.

Women and the Spontaneous Expansion of the Early Church

A BILD Encyclical by Jeff Reed, CEO, BILD.

4 Ways to Equip Everyone in Your Church

An integrated system designed to help leaders accomplish the task of establishing everyone in their faith and training their own leaders.

The First Principles Series

The First Principles Series is a set of 13, six-session, dialogue-based Bible study guides for use by church leaders and mature Christians to establish believers and churches in the faith. Rather than a typical fill-in-the-blank approach, the series employs a highly effective learning process involving biblical passages and readings, community dialogue, and personal reflection and projects. Teaching core principles of Christ and His Apostles, this series guides participants in becoming firmly established in their faith.

The Leadership Series

The Leadership Series is a collection of resources designed to help local church leaders, missionaries, and pastors develop leaders to strengthen and expand the church worldwide. The Leadership Series is an excellent tool for equipping a wide spectrum of church leaders, including those pursuing roles as pastors, missionaries, evangelists, and church planters.